Thanksgiving 2014

November 2014 (duh!)

Kathy normally travels back home to her family or jets off to visit friends during the holidays and I normally do whatever depending on where I am, but for Thanksgiving 2014 we decided to change things up a bit and travel to the Texas coast. Why not? It was late fall and a great time to go for a swim! Or not… Continue reading

Knoxville, Tennessee

August 2014

After visiting Corvette land I was initially planning on heading to Nashville and spending some time enjoying the land of country music. But that was before I ran into the Snowmads (once again) in Indianapolis. Being the fine folks that they are, Jason and Kristin invited me over to Knoxville to spend some time with them. They were in between RVs having just sold their Airstream and were working some deals to get into a new rig, so they offered up the driveway of their condo for me to call home for a bit. How could I pass up the offer of free rent and wonderful company? So I changed the “ville” I was going to and headed east to the base of the Great Smokey Mountains. Continue reading