Post Eclipse Recovery – Back to Ketchum, Idaho

August/September 2017

How does one recover from almost 3 weeks of eclipse fun? More socializing of course! The ‘party’ moved back to Ketchum to wind down this incredibly social time.

For the first week in Ketchum, I was back on Lake Creek Road, where I had spent the couple of weeks prior to moving to the eclipse location. More socializing took place as a few of the eclipse group had also moved back to Ketchum. I was getting tired of the constant stimulation. More on that in a minute.

After a week on Lake Cree Road, I decided I needed a change of scenery and seriously needed to start winding down the socializing. My good friends Dave and Kelly were in the area, just a few miles north, staying right on the North Fork of the Big Wood River. So I hitched up and headed out to join them for the next 8 nights.

I wasn’t completely anti-social during my stay with Kelly and Dave. Besides hanging with them a bit, there was one more hot spring hangout. I also went into Ketchum for the annual Wagon Days event, where I hooked up with my friends staying on Lake Creek Road.

Wagon Days is promoted as the largest, non-motorized parade in the Pacific Northwest. Sure enough, it was big and there were no motorized vehicles. Just lot and lots of horses. I wandered around during the event, checking out the scene, and getting my 10,000+ steps in.

By this point, I had been constantly social for many months. The longest stretch of my nomadic life. And it was getting to me. You have to understand that I’m introverted, which simply means I need my down time. I need alone time. I need to get away from ‘it all’. And I hadn’t had the opportunity to truly get away from others for a really long time.

I was starting to get irritable. I was starting to not want to be around others. I needed a break from the activity. Truthfully, to this day, as of this writing, I believe I’m still recovering. I have zero desire to be social right now. My next social ‘obligation’ isn’t until New Years at the earliest, so I’ve got some time to ‘normalize’.

Side note – when I say I need alone time, this means either just myself or with Kelly. Oddly enough, traveling with Kelly is a completely different experience then being around others. We ‘click’ in a way that means I don’t feel like I need to be ‘on’ like I do when I’m around others. I can have ‘downtime’ when I’m not actually alone, as long as the company is right. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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