Return to Grand Tetons

May 2017

After spending two months in Moab, we were ready for a change of scenery. We’d been in the desert too long. Time to head north.

We intended on spending some time in the Grand Junction, Colorado area, but like many well intentioned plans, things didn’t quite work out the way we expected.

Fruita, Colorado

We departed Moab for a boondocking spot in Fruita, Colorado (just outside of Grand Junction). It had been a while since we had been in anything resembling a ‘big city’ and there aren’t many choices (OK, there are really none) in that part of the country, so we settled on Grand Junction. The plan was to get a city fix and then head north.

Unfortunately the boondocking spot we chose was dusty, which in and of itself isn’t a major deal. We often stay in dry, dusty places. The problem was wind. It was blowing and blowing and blowing. The way the wind was blowing under our rigs caused a dust storm to happen on the leeward side. Not. Fun.

We spent one night in this dust bowl and set out the next morning to get our ‘big city’ fix. Laundry. Errands. Be around civilization. We knocked these chores out and then made the executive decision to get the heck out of dodge. That afternoon. So for the first time ever, we pulled out of a campsite after 4pm. Couldn’t take the dust anymore. Hit the road. Decided to head to the Grand Tetons!

Our destination for the night was Rock Springs, Wyoming. A Walmart specifically. We arrived sometime after 11pm after a very slow drive through an area I had always wanted to see. Trouble is we drove through at night, so I have yet to see this area. Oh well!

The Walmart parking lot was full of RVs, very loud because of it’s close proximity to the interstate, and not my happy place. Woke up to snow falling. Yeah, could it get any ‘better’ than this? After a bit of discussion/negotiation about what to do, we headed towards the Tetons. I couldn’t stand to be at that Walmart any longer. Fortunately the drive was dry and uneventful.

Lower Teton View

We arrived early enough in the season that we were unable to go to the spot I had previously stayed at while in the Tetons due to snow, so we ended up at Lower Teton View, which is at the bottom of the hill from my previous location.

Our friends Matthew and Celeste were already there, which was a good thing. Upon our arrival I couldn’t get into the position I wanted due to there being snow on the ground and having a 2 wheel-drive Jeep. So Matthew hooked up his 4 wheel-drive F150 and positioned me right where I wanted to be. Whew! Good thing he was there!

We actually got snowed on once at this location (and once at the upper location as well), but it wasn’t around long. Because the upper area was still closed due to a snow bank that refused to melt, Lower Teton View was getting more and more crowded by the day. So we kept an eye out for the upper section to open.

Upper Teton View

After staying at Lower Teton View for 7 nights, the snow finally melted enough so that the Forest Service opened up the upper section. Kelly and I immediately hitched up and moved our rigs to the top, grabbing the coveted spots with the outstanding views of the Grand Tetons. I happened to have the exact same spot 2 years prior when I was last here. It’s truly the one to get.

We stayed at Upper Teton View for 9 nights, for a combined 16 nights in the area (which is the maximum allowed stay). While we got the prime spots, we certainly weren’t alone. We were joined by a couple of groups of friends and plenty of strangers. By the time we left, it was a little too crowded for my tastes.

The night before departure we actually hooked up and did an RV ballet so that our friends could take over our prime spots since they were too lazy to get up as early as we were planning on departing and didn’t want someone else to snag the spot. Yeah, RVers can be a lazy lot! 😂

Exploring Grand Teton National Park

Kelly had never been to the Tetons before so we made sure she got the dime tour. We did several hikes in the area, including ones I hadn’t done before. We did the auto tour route, where we had a close encounter with a bear. We witnessed sunrise at Schwabacher’s Landing. We spent some time in Jackson. We did a decent job of exploring the area considering we were still hard at work on Camp Addict. But there is definitely plenty more to see in the area for next time!

2 thoughts on “Return to Grand Tetons

  1. I must defend for those of us who are not early risers. We aren’t lazy, we just choose to not get up early. It’s already early enough to try to finish our breakfast by noon. 😆


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