Moab, Utah – As Beautiful As I Had Hoped

March – May 2017

I’ve been hearing about Moab for years now, and have been looking forward to visiting for quite some time. Finally got the opportunity this spring, and it didn’t disappoint!

Moab is an incredibly popular spot for RVers, which means many of the boondocking locations nearby can get crazy busy. The closer to town, the busier it is. So we opted to stay at Klondike Bluff Road which is one of the farthest out boondocking spots.

We were in full-on Camp Addict work mode and spent most of our time being productive at our rigs. What ended up happening is we stayed in the Moab area for almost two months. TWO MONTHS! Considering it is typical for us to get “hitch-itch” and want to move on after a two week stint at one location, the fact that we stayed at Moab for two months should say something. Can’t exactly put my finger on it, but Moab wasn’t calling for us to leave. So we didn’t.

Klondike Bluff Road is very long and offers many spots to boondock, which means we were able to find a couple of locations we had to ourselves. We did share both of our spots with Becky for a couple of weeks, and it was great catching up with her. We also were fortunate enough to have several other friends stay in the area while we were there. It’s always nice to visit with other full-timer RV friends, and having the opportunity to meet new people on the road isn’t such a bad thing either.

The first location we stayed at was about a mile from the Arches National Park boundary. We had spectacular views in all directions, including looking into the park. The close proximity also meant we were able to walk into the park from our boondocking spot, though there was no official entrance close by to where we were staying. In other words, we were able to access portions of the park that were essentially deserted.

The second location we stayed at was at the base of a copper-colored ridge. This second location had even better views than the first as we not only could see into Arches National Park, but we also had an even more incredible view of the La Sal Mountains.

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