Valley of the Gods – Mexican Hat, Utah

March 2017

Apparently my neglect of my personal blog continues as I pour all my efforts and energy into our new project. I guess I think making money so I don’t have to move back in with my parents is more critical than keeping this blog up to date. Something tells me they might just agree with me! 😂

So, where did I last leave you? Oh, yeah, Kelly and I were traveling with my sister and brother-in-law. We last were camping in the snow in northeast Arizona. Next stop was a place I’d heard about for years. The Valley of the Gods.

Valley of the Gods – Yeah, It’s All That!

Kelly and I don’t really plan where we want to go. Someday we might, but as of right now it’s kind of “look at a map and consider a direction” type of planning. When my sister and brother-in-law expressed interest in joining us for a bit to get a taste of boondocking and traveling while towing their trailer, things started to come together.

Kelly and I wanted to do Utah before it got too hot. My sister and bro-in-law had to be back at their home base in Las Vegas by a certain time so they couldn’t go too far. I had wanted to visit Valley of the Gods for a while and probably was never going to get there unless we entered Utah from the southeast corner, which wasn’t too terribly far of a drive from Vegas. Yeah, things were starting to come together.

For two weeks Kelly and I ended up staying at a pretty sweet boondocking location about 4-5 miles in what some describe as a rough dirt road. To those that think that road is rough I say, you haven’t lived yet! Tow/drive your rig down a truly rough road and get back to me. Or maybe you are better off staying at the local KOA. Yes, I do crack myself up!

My relatives stayed with us somewhere around a week before having to bail and head back home. But in that week-ish stay we all worked and enjoyed the scenery. We managed to hike along a random canyon (yes, yes I did manage to not bring my phone on that trip, therefore no stellar pictures of my own) as well as explore the general area. No actual trails exist, so you just set off and watch where you step.

Valley of the Gods – yeah, not much I can say about it other than it’s one of those places that is so quiet that you will hear your ears ring and has such gorgeous rock formations that you will think you are on a Hollywood set since they appear fake. Beauty is everywhere. And yes, it does seem like you are on another planet.

Muley Point

One day we all loaded up into my sister’s truck and headed to Muley Point, which is an awesome overlook where you can gaze down on the San Juan River and south into Monument Valley. You know, the place made famous by all those old Western movies and because it’s where Forest Gump stopped running. Pop culture, where would we be without you?

Muley Point is at the end of a long dirt road, but getting to this dirt road is where the fun is. Between Muley Point and the Valley of the Gods is the Moki Dugway, a road that routinely makes those “most dangerous roads in America” list. Insert eye-roll here. Sure, it’s 3 miles of dirt road that literally climbs up the face of a cliff, popping you out on top of Cedar Mesa after a 1,200 foot climb. Sure it is a series of switchbacks that don’t have guardrails, and climbs at an 11% grade. But come on people, it’s very well maintained, not heavily travelled, and offers awesome views. Live a little!

Welcome to Utah!

Valley of the Gods was an awesome way to kick-off our Spring 2017 tour of (parts of) Utah. As it ended up, we didn’t see nearly as much of the state as we had planned (goes to prove that we are spot-on with our lack of planning), but I’m getting ahead of myself.

If it wasn’t for the crappy Verizon service and lack of an unlimited AT&T plan (at the time) we might still be there. Well, except for the heat, cuz I’m guessing as of this writing (July 2017) it’s kinda toasty there.

During our stay, we got snowed on one night and the temps were just about perfect. Some days were shorts and t-shirt weather, while other days were bundle up cuz it’s windy and cold. So maybe “perfect” is too strong of a word, but you can’t always have 70º and sunny, right?

I’ll leave you with these pics, which don’t do the Valley of the Gods any justice. Visit if you can. Yes, it’s in the middle of nowhere, but much of the West is in the middle of nowhere. Get out. Explore. And don’t be afraid of “scary” roads.

4 thoughts on “Valley of the Gods – Mexican Hat, Utah

  1. We’ve always wanted to camp at Valley of the Gods but have shied away because we’d read it wasn’t a good place for class A’s. We have a 36ft MH, in your opinion and having camped there would we have a chance or should we avoid a drive into VofTheG? Apart from that we enjoyed reading this post & are way impressed by your new venture with Kelly. Particularly the hilariously written confessionals, nearly peeded our own pants laffin’


    • Thanks for reading and glad to hear you like Camp Addict! I wish I could say the humor part was me, but it’s Kelly. If it was up to me, Camp Addict would be dry and boring to read. 😝

      36 foot MH, eh? Hmmm. There really isn’t anything that would trip you up until you get past where we were staying. In other words, you might not be able to get to the location that is marked on Campendium for the Valley of the Gods, but there are PLENTY of spots before that you would be able to get to.

      I’m trying to remember what types of rigs I saw camped down the road, but this was 4 months ago and my memory is crap. Or as I like to think of it, there have been so many other places we’ve been since that I get them all confused. Yeah, we’ll run with that!

      Of course, I’d run my toad down the road before I took my 36 footer down it after someone with a 24 foot trailer said you could do it. But man, it’s an awesome place to stay if you can make it. Too bad it’s in the middle of nowhere and if you end up arriving and think you cannot do it, I guess you could always stay at the RV park at Monument Valley. Or somewhere to the north. Oh, right, there actually is an RV park in Mexican Hat. So there are definitely options.


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