Introducing Camp Addict – A New Kind of RVing Website

I’ve been quiet for the past couple of months on my blog, for good reason. Kelly and I have been working very hard on a new project. One that we are super proud about. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

It wasn’t too long ago (OK, I guess it was longer than I thought – damn, time is flying by!) where I wrote about a website that Kelly and I had been working on. There was one thing missing from this website. One major thing. Passion.

I didn’t feel a strong connection to the website. Nor did Kelly. It was just something to do so that we didn’t have to work for someone. Something to put a little money in our pockets. But it never took off. I firmly believe it’s because we lacked enthusiasm, passion and all those other ways of saying we weren’t feeling it. It certainly didn’t speak to us and it’s incredibly hard to put hours and hours of time into a project that doesn’t speak to you.

Sometime midway into our stay at American Girl Mine this past February, I was REALLY not feeling the website we were working on and knew something had to change. Something drastic needed to be done. We needed to go in a completely new and different direction.


The scene of the crime where Camp Addict was born

So I did some serious thinking. I had to come up with a good idea and validate said idea before I could approach Kelly and tell her that I thought we needed to go a completely different direction. I was essentially going to tell her to forget about what we had been working really hard on for the past 9 months and let’s start something up from scratch. Yeah, that wasn’t going to be an easy conversation!

I finally came up with something that we both had a passion for – RVing (duh!). Even still, it took me a few days to “sell” Kelly on the idea, but she finally realized how brilliant I am (editorial license?).

Funny enough I had briefly considered this subject matter before settling on the concept for the first (non-passionate) website. I won’t bore you as to why I veto’d this subject months ago and why I’ve had a change of heart, other than to say sometimes I can be stubborn (yay for being an Aries!) and sometimes you need to go down one path before realizing the right path is really over here.

Kelly and I have been working really hard on our new project and we feel REALLY good about it. We fleshed out the concept, took a look at what others were doing in this space, settled on a name and got to work writing incredibly high quality content.

We published our first page of content on 17 March and have finally gotten to a point where we are ready to announce it to the world. While we still have a lot of content to put on the site, we feel now is the right time to stand at the top of our proverbial mountain and make the announcement. Now that the summer camping season is officially here, the time is right!

Introducing Camp Addict – your ONE source for RVing product guides and reviews.

Camp Addict Logo

I’ve been full-timing in my RV for over 3 years and Kelly has been doing the same for over 2 years. In that time we’ve become acutely aware of a humongous hole in the marketplace. There is no ONE place to go as a reliable source for information on RVing products and even less places to go if you want to learn the ins and outs of why you need a certain piece of gear (and how to use it).

Here was a bit of our thought process when we were discussing the idea behind Camp Addict: Where do you go when you need to find some place to camp? Well, the smart answer here is Campendium. Where do you go to buy RVing products? A common place is Amazon. Where do you go to research what you should be buying for your rig? Well, this is where it gets interesting.

The current landscape has you going to personal RV blogs where someone might do a half-assed review of a single item they like. Or you can always head over to an RVing forum and ask a question then sit back with your popcorn and watch the opinions roll in. Heck, you might even hear from someone that actually owns an RV! You will have similar “luck” if you head to one of the many RV Facebook groups. You might just be better off banging your head against a wall.

Home Page Upper Teton View 2 rigs

Don’t bang your head against a wall. Visit Camp Addict instead. You will spend less time sifting through the BS and more time enjoying the view!

This is where Camp Addict comes in. Not to help you bang your head against the wall. Unless you are into that kind of thing. More for being a trusted source for RV product reviews. Yet we are MUCH more than just a review. We are a complete guide to the subject matter we are reviewing. Take for example the RV backup camera page. 9,100 words of goodness. More than you’ve ever wanted to know about RV backup cameras.

Camp Addict will become your trusted source for RVing information, RV product reviews and RV product guides. Both Kelly and I feel that there is a great need for this and we intend on stepping up and providing the high quality content you are looking for.

No more going here and there and hoping to uncover some useful information. Instead you can head over to Camp Addict, find the category you are looking to find more information about, read up and soon you’ll know so much about that particular subject you’ll be dreaming about it for the next week. You’re welcome! 😉

We are far from finished adding content to Camp Addict. We intend on adding fresh content weekly and have a VERY long list of topics to cover. We just couldn’t keep this to ourselves anymore, so please go take a look at Camp Addict and let us know what you think. The feedback so far has been very encouraging. Here’s a GREAT example of the feedback we’ve received:

I love, love, love that logo. And the name. Camp Addict. So freaking perfect.

A lot of people out there do lightweight posts hoping to drive traffic through their affiliate links. You guys, on the other hand, seem to have given people everything they need to make a good decision about something they’re going to have to buy anyway. Plus you’ve got a ton of other helpful info on the site. *Plus* it’s in a niche you guys live and breathe.

-Teresa Wandering Porcupine

Please check out Camp Addict and then let us know what you think. We appreciate any and all constructive feedback. And please help us spread the word if you like what you see! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Introducing Camp Addict – A New Kind of RVing Website

    • Thank you, Ryan! We think there is a need for this type of information. So far we’ve received some very positive comments. We would be curious to know what you think after you get a chance to look at Camp Addict. Thank you.


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