Taking One for the Team – Kingman, AZ

February 2017

Living on the road is pretty damn awesome. The freedom. Not having obnoxious neighbors you can’t escape. An ever changing backyard. Pretty great. You should try it (or not if you like the boring, status quo).

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes you end up staying at a place because it’s the best option for what needs to be done.

This was one such place.

6 nights in Kingman, Arizona

Kelly had a girls weekend in Vegas where she was going to see Bon Jovi in concert. I’m not a girl so I wasn’t invited. Plus I’m not the biggest fan of Vegas, so it didn’t break my heart to not tag along.

We needed to find a place I could hide out while Kelly ran off to have fun and I babysat her trailer. I couldn’t be too close to Vegas as I didn’t want to break out in hives. It also needed to be situated such to allow us to make a mad dash for southeast Utah. So Kingman it was!

I’ve passed through Kingman many times as I went back and forth to Vegas while I lived in Phoenix. I got married in Vegas. My sister lives in Vegas. So I’ve been to Vegas. Still don’t like the place (OK, I’ll stop. Maybe – it’s my blog after all!).

To me Kingman has always been a pass-through town. Maybe I’d stop for gas. Grab a snack during the long (and boring) drive to/from Vegas. But it’s never spoken to me. Still doesn’t. Go figure!

I’ve passed by Coyote Pass Trailhead many times and didn’t even realize it existed. But it does. And it’s where I spent 6 nights.

Monolith Garden is RIGHT off 93, so there is lots of road noise. Road noise doesn’t make a happy Marshall. Neither does cold, bitting wind, which was readily available during my stay.

What does make Marshall happy is access to a great trail network (heavily used by mountain bikers and I can see why!). New friends visiting. And family coming to start a two-week caravan. See, it wasn’t all bad!

Viki, who I’ve “known” online for a while and finally got to meet in person in Quartzsite, came to stay with us (well, actually me as Kelly left me to freeze my ass off while she went to have fun).

My sister and brother-in-law arrived to spend the last night with us so we could depart early the next morning to head towards Utah. They were going to spend a couple of weeks caravanning with us to get a taste of boondocking.

So my stay in Kingman wasn’t all bad, but trust me when I say I won’t be rushing back.

4 thoughts on “Taking One for the Team – Kingman, AZ

  1. Thank you Sir for the Campedium recommendation regarding this site. It really helped us out on the 18th for one night. Yes, it was exceedingly noisy all night with huge trucks roaring by but once one walked around the hill in back of the camping area it showed its hidden beauty. Lovely hikes but we had to move onto Barstow’s much quieter Owl Canyon Campground early on the 19th so only a short hike was taken by us. Thx


    • You are very welcome! I’m glad I got that review up promptly (I’m a wee bit behind with my Campendium reviews) but did stay in Kingman a couple of weeks ago. You’re lucky you only had to deal with the noise for one night. 😊


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