New Years 2017 Done Right – Quartzsite, Arizona

I never intended on attending any nomadic gathering for New Years. In fact, I had a place just west of Phoenix picked out as my next stop. But being nomadic means being flexible. So plans were changed at the last minute. Literally.

After a brief exchange on Instagram with my good friend Dave on the morning of departure, Kelly and I decided to head to Quartzsite for a small New Years gathering. Boy am I glad we did!

Last year’s New Years gathering was crazy. Out of control. Too big. Seriously. With 45+ rigs there was nothing intimate about ringing in 2016. 2017 was different.

The group ringing in 2017 topped out at 10 rigs. Old friends and new ones. It was the perfect sized group in the perfect setting.

We had a couple of group dinners in Quartzsite. We had a group outing to Crystal Hill, the only place in the area where it’s legal to take home rocks. We did our own thing. We had group activities. Yeah, it was pretty great.

I pulled the “old man” card and headed back home around 10:30 on New Years Eve. My timing was impeccable as the wind kicked up and the rain started coming down as I settled into my bed.

Thanks to Gus for this video:

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