Road Trip to Florida

October/November 2016

Kelly has a rental house in the Panhandle of Florida that was needing to be rented again at the end of October. It also was in dire need of yard work so she was going to make a run to Florida to take care of business.

I was in dire need of seeing the ocean and walking on a nice beach so I volunteered to go along with her and lend a hand.

So off we were on an over a month road trip across the country. Yeah, I’m tired of driving for a while.

In preparation for the trip we repositioned our rigs back at Sauls Creek in Bayfield, where we stayed before. Right before departure, we winterized our trailers and parked them on a friend’s property. Then off to Phoenix we went!


My dad was scheduled for back surgery soon so I wanted to swing by and say hi. We spent 3 nights visiting then were off to Austin.


Kelly’s dad lives in the Austin, Texas area so we stopped there as it made a good halfway spot between Phoenix and the Florida panhandle. We spent 10 nights there.


As a Texan I would be remiss if I didn’t load up on barbecue when I was in my “home” state. So I did. Several times. In fact, we stopped at Coopers BBQ in Llano before we got into Austin. Had to eat dinner somewhere. Yeah, I got my BBQ fix!

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Even though I spent 6 straight months in the Austin area I never visited Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. I rectified this during my current stay.

Santa Rosa Beach

Off to Florida we went! Kelly’s place wasn’t available until 1 November so we stayed in a friend’s carriage house in Watercolor, FL. 6 nights in the resort community of Watercolor was alright. Not the kind of a place I’d usually stay, so I enjoyed every minute of it.

We were working on Kelly’s yard during this time and she managed to throw out her back. Which meant she was out of commission. We “moved” into her house for one night and then were off to Tarpon Springs (Tampa area) to visit my brother while she recovered.

We then spent another week at Kelly’s place, getting the house and yard in order. She lined up renters. I spread part of my wife’s ashes.

Tarpon Springs

We spent 5 nights visiting my brother before it was time to get back to work at Kelly’s place. Her back recovered sufficiently where she could be productive and I could get back to doing what I do best – supervising.

Back to Austin

We had spent enough time in Florida (trust me, it doesn’t take long) and wrapped things up. We stopped at Kelly’s dad’s place for 2 nights on the way back to Colorado.


Side note: I discovered boudin as we passed through Louisiana on the way to Florida. How had I not ever had this before? VERY good! I had boudin balls and boudin links. Loaded up on the stuff on the way back through Louisiana. Just don’t look at the ingredients. 😉

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