Sneezed on by a Horse – Cortez, Colorado

September 2016

One of the very first couples I met while on the road are Lynn and Clark. After full timing in their RV for a few years, they decided to come off the road and buy a piece of property in Cortez, Colorado. They were kind enough to invite Kelly and I to stay at their place.

Mutiny Ranch

Lynn and Clark purchased a few acres in McElmo Canyon, just west of Cortez, with a stellar view of the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument (essentially their back yard). On the north end of their property they had a flat spot that was perfect for Kelly and I to park our rigs, giving us privacy and staying out of Lynn and Clark’s hair.


The moment we drove in we were greeting by several miniature horses. These gorgeous creatures are actually owned by their immediate neighbors, but graze on Lynn and Clark’s land.

The horses were super friendly, especially since Kelly was feeding them apples and carrots. They would come around seeing what’s up and what was to eat all the time – not shy at all!

Sugar, the matriarch, greeted me with a big old sneeze the first time we met. Love at first sight!

Canyon of the Ancients National Monument

The Canyon of the Ancients National Monument is directly north of the Mutiny Ranch, with it’s views imposing themselves on us. “Imposing”. As if!

Father down McElmo Canyon is the southern trailhead into the monument. One evening Lynn, Kelly and I went for a little hike to watch the sunset. Spectacular!


Telluride is in a part of Colorado that I never stayed during the summer. But I definitely wanted to see it. One day Kelly and I made the fairly decent trek from Cortez to Telluride to check out the town. And ride the free gondola. I liked the feel of the place and wouldn’t mind coming back one day.

4 thoughts on “Sneezed on by a Horse – Cortez, Colorado

  1. The gondola was closed when we went to Telluride. Looks like we’ll just have to head to the Mutiny Ranch ourselves to check it out. Hope I get sneezed on too. :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love how Telluride has a free gondola. Sucks that it wasn’t open when y’all were there! The Mutiny Ranch awaits your arrival. It’s a great location for exploring the area. 🙂


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