Finding Peace at Rabbit Ears Pass – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

July 2016

Rabbit Ears Pass first came onto my radar when the Watsons wrote about it 2 years ago. It turned out to be the perfect place for me at the perfect time. It’s where I got my head around some things that I had been avoiding. It’s where I spent some quality “me” time.

I previously wrote about this back in July so I won’t rehash it other than to say my time here was good for me. Very good.

Forest Road 302

For 14 nights I spent time at the end of Forest Road 302 which had a view of Rabbit Ears Pass and the surrounding area. Perched high atop a hill at the end of the road, the very end spot was at 10,000 feet in elevation and offered a commanding view that went for miles.

There were times when I was literally the only human in sight. It was just me, my thoughts, and great views.

The weekends would bring a few people out to camp, with the more popular spot down being below me. Occasionally I would have visitors in the form of OHV’s or the occasional overnighter who stayed on the plateau with me (but not right on top of me). But overall I was the only one around for a good amount of the time.

Steamboat Springs was a bit of a hike and several thousand feet below. I didn’t spend much time there, which was beyond fine with me. I wasn’t in exploring mode. I was in “me” mode.

Side note – This location had some of the best Internet speeds I’ve experienced to date. Even though it was in the middle of nowhere, there was a Verizon tower on the next hill over which meant I was a happy man! It’s the little things when you are a nomad.

Hiking the Rabbit Ears

It would have been a crying shame if I didn’t make the effort to hike up to the rock formations that give Rabbit Ears Pass it’s name. After all, I was staring at them off in the distance during my entire stay. Time to get up close and personal!

A fairly unremarkable hike ended with yet another outstanding view of the surrounding area.

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