Trying to Put Bread on the Table

I just wanted to bring you up to speed on what I’ve been doing as of late. I (obviously) haven’t been writing blog posts, which means I’m way behind. Again. I’ve been busy working on a new income generating project. One that I’m going to ask for your help with at the end of this post (thank you in advance!).

But first some quick background on why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Back in the mid-2000’s my wife and I were working lifeless corporate jobs and hating every minute of it. We had enough and quit, with no idea what we were going to do. We ended up selling on eBay and making a decent living at this until we grew tired of the daily grind of packing supplies and the other “joys” of such a business.

In 2008 we decided to try our hand at affiliate marketing and started a website that promoted small business products and services. We would get a commission when traffic from our website to the referred product’s site bought something or started a free trial. It was all aboveboard stuff we were promoting – things an entrepreneur needs/uses to run their business. What wasn’t aboveboard was how we were promoting the site.

We made very good money for a few years until Google drastically changed their algorithm. We were building links to our website (which is how you rise to the top in the Google search results) using methods that were, shall we say, not cool in the eyes of Google. So one day, when they updated their algorithm, the money stopped flowing. Literally overnight. Long end of the short, I ended up taking a job (which I thought would be temporary until I could figure out our next move) working remote customer support. One month into the new job the shit hit the fan with my wife’s health and I never got back to figuring out the next move. Until recently.

This past winter I met Kelly when I was spending three weeks in Quartzsite and we immediately hit it off. We have been traveling together for much of 2016. She was unhappy with her job. I was unhappy with my job. So we decided to team up and become business partners. And we decided to go back to what I knew how to do – create a website that reviews small business products and services. But this time it would be promoted in a way that Google smiles upon.

The result is Best Damn Reviews, a site that we’ve been working on since the end of May. And boy, is it taking longer than I had anticipated to get it up and running and making money! It was soooooooo much easier back in the day to build traffic to a site.

So here we are. We have a good deal of great content on the site and are starting the link building campaign. This is where you come in, should you desire to help a guy out.

If you happen to have a website that has a resource page/section/whatever where Best Damn Reviews would add value, I would be beyond grateful if you would mention my site there. Really. Seriously. It would put a BIG smile on my face.

Hell, if you just spread the word about Best Damn Reviews to anyone who might find it useful, I would be happy. Dang, just you reading this far in the blog post makes me happy! 😉

Thank you so much for whatever you can/will/would do to promote my new website. It’s beyond time to make money, or else I might have to move in with you. 😳

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