3 Weeks At My Parents’, Sort Of

March 2016

I was preparing to head north for the summer, but I wanted to spend a couple of weeks at my parents’ place as I had no idea when I’ll be back in the area. It was also getting a bit warm in their area, so it was visit now or wait until who knows when. Pretty much a no-brainer, so I pulled into their place for what I expected to be a two week visit.

A couple of days before I planned on arriving, I heard from my sister who inquired if I might be available to housesit for an unknown amount of time as she was going to have to head to Washington at a moment’s notice due to a family emergency. Thanks to my lifestyle, and my current location, I was definitely available to drive up to my sister’s to help out.

Las Vegas

As it turned out, I left for my sister’s place in Las Vegas the day after I arrived at my parents’ place. I left my trailer down south and made the long, boring-ass drive to Las Vegas. Side note: Las Vegas is one of my least favorite cities I have ever been to. I’m not a Vegas kind of person. I don’t like throngs of people. I don’t gamble. I can do without the fakeness that the Strip exudes. If it wasn’t for my sister, I would avoid the place like the plague.

So there I was, in Vegas, for who knows how long. I was there to look after the dogs and try to not go crazy. My sister was already away and while she planned to return for a night before heading out again, she had to change plans and head immediately to Washington. So I settled in the best I could, with no intention of leaving the house much, if at all.

As it turned out, the day I arrived in Vegas, my good friends Brandon and Kerensa were on a day trip to explore the city. Not one to pass up an opportunity to see these two, I dragged my butt down to the Strip for a few hours to socialize. It was great seeing them, but that was enough time among the tourists.

My sister wasn’t planning on being gone the week that I arrived so she had a houseguest that showed up for a few nights. Fortunately I knew the guy as I had spent time with him last year at my sister’s wedding. But the addition of a houseguest meant that the planned peace and quiet at my sister’s didn’t materialize.

I ended up being there just a week and was able to spend a day with my sister and my brother-in-law, before I headed back to spend time with my parents.

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is just outside of Las Vegas, on the Nevada/Arizona border. While I have driven past it many times, I had yet to take a tour of the dam, so I thought the drive back would be a perfect opportunity to do so. There was one slight problem – I totally forgot about spring break. Ugh!

There were a huge number of people at Hoover Dam the day I arrived. I realized the mistake I had made as I drove down the entrance road and was welcomed by a nice long line to get through the vehicle security check point. Crap! Oh, well, I was there so I decided to make the best of it.

I quickly decided that the last thing I wanted to do, or was going to be able to do, was take a tour of the facility, so I settled for driving across the dam. I didn’t realize this was still possible. Sure, this was the way across the Colorado River until 2010 when the bypass bridge was completed. I had just assumed they no longer allowed vehicles to cross over. I was wrong. So I slowly drove across, trying not to take out any of the thousands of tourists milling about.

Once across, I found a parking place and walked around a bit, snapped pictures of the dam and surrounding area. Then I got in my Jeep, drove back across the bridge, and got the hell out of there.

Spending Time with My Parents

For the next two weeks I mainly chilled out with my parents. I didn’t go on any grand adventures other than an early birthday dinner, a co-working session with a co-worker who lives in the area, and a lunch visit with an old high school buddy who I last saw when I was in the Seattle area last summer.

My visit coincided with the desert being in bloom, which made for a gorgeous view looking over my parents’ backyard. It also meant that my allergies flared up worse than I can ever remember.

4 thoughts on “3 Weeks At My Parents’, Sort Of

  1. Thanks for making the trek to the tourists and crazy strip to hang out with us! I’m always happy when we can visit.

    You would never be able to tell it was spring break in your photos of Hoover Dam. Nice job slinking away from everyone.

    Until next time!


    • Funny you should mention craps. Brandon and Kerensa made me throw the die at a craps table (my first time ever). And I didn’t do too well. Other than that, no action for me. Of the gambling type! 😉


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