Slowing Down in 2016

2016 is the year that I slow down my travels, or so goes the plan. I’m coming up on two years on the road (already?!?!) and I am a bit tired. Not of being on the road, but rather of constantly being on the move. Let me explain.

I keep a spreadsheet of the distance I have traveled towing my house. In 2014 I towed for 5739 miles (keep in mind I started after a quarter of the year was over). 2015 saw 8100 miles on the nose. Factor in my 6 month stay in Austin that was basically equally split between the years, and you will see that I drove a lot. And these are only miles I towed my house. I drove my Jeep a lot more than this. I’m kinda tired of driving all the time.

I feel like I was constantly on the move when I was on the road. Looking back at how long I stayed at places (yes, I have a spreadsheet for this as well), I see that a one week stay was a long time. Sure, there were some places I stayed longer, but if you remove my driveway surfing activity (parent’s house and family’s/friend’s houses), the longest stretch I stayed in one spot was 11 days, and that happened only twice. Otherwise I was move, move, moving. Not fun!

Moving every few days gets tiring. Not only were a lot of the move days also work days (which just killed me by the end of the day), I would find myself constantly in motion. Between physically moving my house and playing tourist driving around attempting to see the sights, I rarely felt like I had anytime to myself. And I am over that. O-V-E-R it!

So I am slowing down in 2016. I am planning on staying much longer in one location and not moving as much between stops. I am not going to feel compelled to see everything in one spot, and I am going to have more chill time.

So far I have been successful. Since leaving my parent’s just after Christmas I have stayed one week at my New Year’s Eve stop (had to leave after that as there was zero cell service there and a guy has gotta work!) and am coming up on two weeks at my current location. I can see staying at least two weeks at my next stop, just two hours up the road. I’m aiming for two weeks in one place being my new average.

I have no real plans for my 2016 travels. I have a vague idea where I might want to go, but it isn’t very far. I haven’t even opened up a map to do any rough trip planning. Jello plans are all I have at this point, and I like it. A lot!

2016 is going to be a year of change for me in more than just the slowing down traveling way. There are a few rooms in my house that need rearranging. Some personal things I need to take care of. And this requires me slowing down and taking a lot of Marshall time. I’m looking forward to it. 2016 is going to be one helluva year, even if it started off in a not so fabulous way.

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