2.5 Months at My Parent’s

October to December 2015

After the whirlwind of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta I headed to my parent’s place in the Phoenix area to recharge and catchup on some stuff. After 2.5 months of staying put I was hitting the road again for some New Years Eve festivities with a group of nomads. But I am getting ahead of myself.

My stay flew by. Between my trip to Austin, Kathy’s trip out here and then us going to St. Louis for Thanksgiving, and all the activities I did while “staying put”, the end of the year was here before I knew it.


There were an amazing number of my full-time RV friends that passed through Phoenix in the time that I was there. Kathy was able to meet some more of my fellow nomads during her brief visit before we headed to the Midwest.

I believe this is the complete list of my peeps that I saw, but I may have missed someone:

Jeff and DebBrandon and Kerensa, Dave and Kelly, Joe and Kait, Kurt and Toni, Megg & Brian and Maria.


Brandon and I went four-wheeling in his Xterra in the Tonto National Forest behind my parent’s place. I wore my flip-flops so I was well prepared to get out and guide him as he went up and down some rather interesting hills. And I am just going to say this here – I had absolutely nothing to do with the desert pin striping his pretty new Xterra received on our day of adventure. I told him no! 😉


I did a fair amount of hiking during my time here, including finally getting around to exploring the Tonto National Forest that is about 2 blocks from my parent’s. I found a couple of 5+ mile routes that I could do starting from their house, which made me more inclined to actually get out and hike. Having to drive somewhere to exercise means I have more of an excuse to not do it.

Phoenix Zoo Lights

Deb and Jeff, Toni and Kurt and I went to the Phoenix Zoo Lights, which was a first for me. Both going to the Phoenix Zoo and seeing zoo lights.


I have never been known for my cooking prowess and considering how excellent of a cook my mother is, I really have no excuse. So I finally decided to do something about it and learn how to make some dishes. I went through a selection of recipes my mom thought I could handle and picked ones that interested me. Then I cooked a few.

I really should have started this years ago, or even closer to the start of this current stay, but it’s all good. I gained the confidence to play around with cooking on my own. Oh, and the dishes I made were excellent, thank you very much!

Miscellaneous Pics

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