Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2014 found Kathy and me at the Texas coast, but this year we did something different. For the first few days Kathy flew out to Phoenix so we could spend some time with my parents, then both of us flew to St. Louis to spend time with her family.


While Kathy was in Arizona, we were pretty low-key. We did some hiking and some socializing. Kathy met a few more of my nomad friends and she finally got to meet my cousin, who was indirectly responsible for us meeting.

She also got intimately acquainted with a cholla cactus which are known as “jumping cholla” as they “jump” out and grab you if you even slightly brush up against them. And they don’t let go without a bit of pain being involved. The cholla piece that Kathy got friendly with was originally stuck to the outside of her right knee, but during extraction it ended up being stuck on her left thumb. The transference from one body part to another is extremely common when trying to remove a cholla, as Kathy found out.


After enough excitement in the desert, we hopped a plane to the Midwest.


Arriving in St. Louis

My First Race

Let just start this by saying I don’t run. Never have. It isn’t my thing. But I do a bit of it when I am around Kathy. She has a tradition of running the Kirkwood/Webster Turkey Day Run, which is either a 3-mile or 6-mile course. She somehow talked me into participating and decided we should do the 6-mile run. For my very first organized race.

I managed to survive, even though I did zero prep to get myself in top running form (as if that exists!). I managed to run the entire 6-miles with the exception of two very short periods where I walked for a total of about 1.5 blocks. No idea how I managed to keep jogging for such a long period of time. Final time was 1:10:19. I managed to slow Kathy down 10 minutes from the last time she ran 2 years ago.

Kathy’s Family

We stayed with Kathy’s youngest sister who lives a stone’s throw (literally) from her other sister. We also visited quite a bit with Kathy’s parents, so lots of family time was had. I was even introduced to more extended family on Turkey day, as well as some longtime family friends a couple of days later. Social overload for this introvert, but I survived.

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