Arizona Ironman

November 2015

Jeff and Deb were in town so that Jeff could participate in his third Ironman. Just for the record, that’s three more than I have ever desired to do. Some people lean a little towards the crazy side. Not that I am trying to say anything. 😉

The Arizona Ironman is held in Tempe and is a very spectator friendly course. However, I wasn’t there to spectate. No, I was there to be Jeff’s IronSherpa which is a position that Deb usually fills, but since she had her incident a week before, she wasn’t able to do it. So I stepped in and made it look easy did my best to not bungle the job.

Kathy became an Ironman when she finished the Houston Ironman a few years ago. I had heard some stories so I had a clue what a triathlon was about. I even helped out earlier this year with the triathlon she puts on. Yet I have never been to an Ironman event, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.

3,000 people registered for the Arizona Ironman. 2,600+ actually participated, including 676 first timers. And then there were the family and friends of participants as well as other spectators. The venue was crazy! But there was a lot of great people watching.

Jeff and I drove down to the Ironman location Saturday so he could drop off his bike and equipment bags. This was a great opportunity to get the lay of the land before the masses arrived.

Early Sunday morning we arrived so Jeff could get ready for the big event. My job was to do whatever he needed, which turned out to not be a lot. I cheered him on when I could and collected his bike and equipment bags at the end.

I was there for almost 14 hours, but it didn’t seem like that long. I enjoyed spectating and cheering. Not once did I wish the day would end, which is pretty amazing considering how long of a day it was.

Jeff did great! His overall time was 11:46:06. He finished 12th in his age division and 565th overall. His strongest discipline is swimming and he came in 1st in his division. Pretty incredible!










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