11 Nights in Austin

October/November 2015

I was spending some time at my parent’s place in Phoenix after the ABQ Balloon Fiesta and needed some Kathy time, so I flew out to Austin for 11 nights. I last saw Kathy in July and while I had been busy during those 3 months, doing the long distance thing wasn’t a thrill a minute, so it was beyond time to see her.

It wasn’t a vacation for either of us as we both had to work. Exploration and fun was still to be had.

Franklin Barbecue

Franklin Barbecue has been ranked the #1 BBQ joint in all of Texas. It is also the place that Kathy and I met (someday I should get around to telling that story). However, I had never eaten there despite having made two prior attempts. Was the third time going to be the charm?

I just happened to be in Austin on the second anniversary of my meeting Kathy, so we decided to try and get into Franklin’s as it had become a traditional of ours in late October. We figured if we tried enough times, we were bound to eventually get in.

For those who are wondering why in the heck we have such a hard time getting into a BBQ joint, Franklin’s is kinda popular. As in line up a couple of hours before it opens, popular. As in, even if you are in line, you might not actually get any food, popular.

Third time was indeed the charm. We attempted on a Sunday and because the weather was crappy (rainy/gloomy) the lines weren’t terrible. We also didn’t try to get in right when Franklin’s opened, instead showing up sometime around 1pm. We still had to wait about an hour and they ran out of ribs before we got to the ordering counter, but we were in. Though they did put the sold out sign up before we entered the building, but they ended up having enough food for a couple dozen more customers after that (they preemptively put it up so more people don’t bother getting in line).

While I was happy to finally be able to experience Franklin Barbecue, I am not sure I would go back. The BBQ was pretty damn good, but there are some pretty damn good BBQ joints in Austin where you don’t have to stand in such a long line. Maybe next year we will choose a different place to visit in late October.


The weather gods decided to open up the skies when I was in Austin. Two times we had some major rain, with the second weather event being pretty major. It came with a tornado warning and over 13 inches of rain before 10am. It was so severe that the lower areas of Kathy’s neighborhood flooded. Of course I wanted to go exploring during the downpour, and Kathy humored me. We were both amazed at the sight of so much rain.IMG_7655

Violet Crown Trail

A much anticipated new stretch of trail recently opened up in Austin since I had last been there. The Violet Crown Trail will eventually extend 30 miles through Central Texas, but just the most northern  portion is opened.

Kathy, Leslie and I walked it one day, and then Kathy and I did it again the next day. Kathy’s new dog came along for both trips and is quite the trail doggie.


Since it was the end of October, Halloween happened when I was there. Which meant I supervised while Kathy carved two pumpkins, and I supervised again when candy was handed out. Yes, I make one helluva good supervisor! 🙂

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