Mad Dash to Albuquerque

September 2015

1,321 miles. 5 states. 4 days. 3 stops.

The end of September was here. My time in the Pacific Northwest had come to and end and I needed to be in Albuquerque by the beginning of October. Trouble is I was at my cousin’s in Klamath Falls, Oregon and Albuquerque was a ways away. Make that, a long ways away. Ugh!

200 is normally the most I like to travel in one day when I am towing my house. 200 miles isn’t really that far if you are driving just a car, but when you are towing an RV it’s more than enough distance. Towing or driving an RV is much more stressful and tiring then driving a “normal” vehicle, so to drive 1,321 miles in 4 days is just crazy. And something I would rather not do again.

This distance had to be done so I headed out from my cousin’s place and drove as far as I could day one. 434 miles later I had exited Oregon, cut across the northeast corner of California, entered Nevada around Reno, and ended up in the middle of nowhere. I spent the night at my very first rest stop in Luning, Nevada, which is literally in the middle of nowhere. Look it up on Google Maps. Zoom out. Turn on satellite view. See, I’m not joking. Middle. Of. Nowhere.

Next day saw me ending up at the very southern tip of Nevada where I spent the night with my sister in Las Vegas.


On the way to Vegas

On the third day I finally made it to an interstate as I got on I-40 in Kingman, Arizona and pointed east. I would stay on I-40 all the way into Albuquerque, but first I made an overnight stop in Winslow, Arizona. McHood Park is a 22 site city park that is free to stay at. The perfect place for a quick overnight before making the final push into the ABQ.

The fourth and final day found me arriving in Albuquerque where I would be staying for the next 11 nights. Not having to drive for a while was fine by me after that cross-country trek.

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