Fort Flagler

August 2015

Fort Flagler is the third of the three forts in this area that I visited, and is the least convenient one to get to. Located at the top of Marrowstone Island, it is a bit of a drive from where I was staying in Port Townsend, even though it isn’t that far as the crow flies.

Fort Flagler was the third coast artillery fort protecting Admiralty Inlet and completed the triangle of fire along with Fort Casey and Fort Worden. Fort Flagler was built in the late 1890’s and closed in 1953. Now a Washington State Park, some of the old buildings are available for rent by individuals or groups.

Marrowstone Point Light

The Marrowstone Point Light isn’t a traditional lighthouse, but rather just a light on top of a fog signal building. Apparently it was so “cool” I neglected to take any pictures of it. It’s also not easily accessible so I walked on the beach to look at it.

During my beach walk I ambled west away from the light for a bit, walking on the narrow strip of sand between Puget Sound and the cliffs where the gun batteries are. I went past the remains of a searchlight emplacement that has fallen to the beach because the cliff under it eroded away.


Battery Wansboro


Battery Grattan


Battery Lee


Battery Rawlins


Coastal Defense Multi-Function Building


Battery Wilhelm


Battery Revere


Battery Downes


Battery Calwell


Battery Bankhead


Searchlight Number 13

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