Fort Worden

August 2015

Fort Worden is now a Washington state park but was originally one of three coast artillery forts protecting the entrance to Admiralty Inlet. Along with Fort Casey and Fort Flagler, Fort Worden created a triangle of fire that was capable of sinking any ships trying to enter this strategic waterway.

Construction started in 1897 and the fort remained open until 1953, never having fired a shot in hostility. Fort Worden was the headquarters of the Puget Sound Harbor Defense Command, so it had a lot more buildings (most of which are no longer there) than the other two forts. Fort Worden is famous as the location for the 1982 movie An Officer and a Gentleman, staring Richard Gere. Also located at the fort is the Point Wilson Lighthouse.

The place is massive, covering 433 acres and is covered with trails connecting the batteries (gun emplacements). I walked a lot the day I explored the fort. The pictures below the different installations I visited, in the order I saw them. I will spare you details about each facility. If you are looking for more information, see the Wikipedia entry. 😉


Battery Vicars


Battery Kenzie


Point Wilson Light


Battery Stoddard


Battery Putnam


Battery Randol


Battery Quarles




Battery Ash


Groupment Command Post (World War II)


Battery Benson


Battery Brannan


Battery Powell


Battery Tolles


Searchlight Number 4


Battery Walker

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