Fort Casey

August 2015

Before I stopped for the night on Whidbey Island, I spent a couple of hours at Fort Casey exploring the bunkers and gun emplacements. One of three coast artillery forts in the immediate area, Fort Casey was built in the late 1890’s to  protect the entrance to Admiralty Inlet, which led to the Bremerton Navy Yard. The invention of the airplane in 1903 made this type of fort obsolete. A huge amount of money spent for a handful of years of protection.

I parked my Jeep and trailer in an out of the way spot and worked for a bit before heading down to explore. I joined a guided tour where I learned about the fort and gained entrance to areas normally locked.

Fun fact: All of Fort Casey’s guns were removed and mounted on railcars for World War I, so the two 10-inch disappearing guns now on display came from Fort Wint in the Philippines. One of the guns has shrapnel damage from Japanese attacks on Fort Wint during World War II.

The Admiralty Head Light is on the grounds of Fort Casey and is the second lighthouse to be built here. This version was built in 1903 and deactivated in 1922.




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