Bellingham, Washington

August 2015

When my age was still in the single digits, my family moved to Bellingham, Washington, where I stayed until I was of legal drinking age. I haven’t been back since I left in the early 90’s. I decided after a 2+ decade absence I would return, especially since I was staying just about 30 minutes south in Mount Vernon.

I spent most of one day driving around and around and around my old stomping grounds. I didn’t recognize most of the town as it has changed A LOT in 20 years. In a good way. I don’t remember being particularly fond of Bellingham back in the day, but after getting acquainted with the current Bellingham, I decided I could live there, if it weren’t for the weather. Pick Bellingham up and put it someplace with great year-round weather, and I could live there. No question.

Larrabee State Park

Just south of Bellingham is Larrabee State Park, which has about 1.5 miles of shoreline on Puget Sound and is just an absolutely gorgeous place. I ate lunch on the rocky shoreline and hung for a while. It is a special place.

Funny how when I lived in Bellingham I thought Larrabee was way to the south. It isn’t. My perspective on distance has certainly changed. Hell, I used to think Mount Vernon was way to the south of Bellingham and it is just a 30 minute drive. I do 30 minutes just to get to a decent store when I am visiting my parents. Age and experience certainly brings a different perspective to many, many things.IMG_3812

Bay View State Park

I was taking the coastal route back from Bellingham, so I made a quick stop at Bay View State Park. Being only 25 acres, and having just about 1/4 of a mile of shoreline, it doesn’t take long to “see” Bay View. I walked a bit on the beach, including a nice wade in the water. Great way to wrap up what turned out to be a surprisingly good day!


I hadn’t seen my great friends Kristin and Jason, aka the Snowmads, for a few months, since Texas. At that time they were making their way to Alaska, where they spent the summer. Having just returned from the great north, they were recuperating for a bit in the Bellingham area. Fortunately for me, I was in the area at the same time they were. If I go too long without my Snowmad fix, I might shrivel up.

I met them twice in Bellingham, both times at breweries (which Bellingham didn’t exactly have when I lived there). One time was strictly a pleasure visit and we hit two breweries. The following day we met at the second brewery to co-work. Yes, working at a brewery. Rough jobs we have.

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