America’s Car Museum – Tacoma, Washington

July 2015

America’s Car Museum opened in 2012 on 10 acres of land next to the Tacoma Dome and features cars donated by the LeMay Family Collection, aka the world’s largest private car collection. My uncle and I made the trek to check out the gorgeous cars there and enjoy a slice of Americana.

Harold LeMay made his money in the garbage business, which was very, very good to him. It allowed him to amass a collection of 3,000+ vehicles at its peak, a number of which were donated to America’s Car Museum.

Harold wanted to make sure that his automotive collection wouldn’t be pieced out when he was no longer with us. In 1996 he set into motion a plan to make sure the collection would remain as he envisioned. The LeMay Family Collection Foundation was the result of this and the foundation donated about 600 vehicles to America’s Car Museum. The remainder of the LeMay collection is located in Tacoma at the old Marymount Military Academy grounds.

Below are a selection of the vehicles at America’s Car Museum.

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