Bear Lake State Park – Laketown, UT

June 2015

I first learned about Bear Lake State Park the way that many of us living on the road learn about places to visit – from other full timers. In this case, my (online) friends Jennifer and Deas blogged about it last year and it got me interested. I mean, look at the water in their post. No, really, I will wait. Go look at their pics (cause Jennifer takes much better ones than I do).

Bear Lake seemed like a good stopping point on our way up to the Grand Tetons, so we headed to the Rendezvous Beach campground at the south end of the lake.

The drive to the lake was incredible, especially the part of Highway 89 from Logan to the lake. It offered breathtaking scenery and left such an impression that we still talk about it today. I didn’t take that many pictures as we only stopped a couple of times, so you will have to trust me. It is a beautiful drive.

Side note: During this drive, we experienced a very weird phenomenon. We swore we were going downhill when, in fact we were going up hill. How do we know we were going up when our brains told us we were going down? Two things: 1) the Jeep’s nav system was showing the altitude as definitely climbing, steadily. 2) The river we were driving by was flowing towards us and we all know water flows downhill, therefore we were going up. But both of us swore we were going down. A weird Bermuda Triangle kind of moment. OK, back to the regularly scheduled program.

Bear Lake straddles the Utah/Idaho line, but we were staying in the Utah side of things. But we did drive up into Idaho (Kathy’s first time in that state) to grab a bite to eat. Gotta spread the love, right?

When we pulled into Rendezvous Beach, we weren’t that impressed, so we only paid for a night. Which was enough. The water was definitely beautiful, but we felt there wasn’t anything for us to do. Nothing to keep us from pushing on towards the Tetons. So we decided to move on the next day. But not before Kathy went for a little ride.

By little ride, I mean she did 30 miles along the east side of the lake, from the campground all the way to way up the lake, then she headed west across the north end. We had done a bit of driving around the west side and noticed that road was a wee bit busy, so we inquired at the campground and were told the east road was much quieter. And it was.

Kathy took off early and left me to pack up the house. Once finished, I cruised along the east route and finally caught up with her near the top of the lake, right before she turned west. I then positioned myself part way across the top of the lake for a photo op, then again right before the main highway. If it weren’t for that highway, I am sure Kathy would have kept going as it was such a beautiful ride.

Instead of her continuing on, we packed her bike in the Jeep, had a snack, and she took a shower. This was the first time I had met her at the end of a bike ride with the house, and she commented on how she could get used to having the ability to shower right when she was finished. Duly noted! 🙂

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