USS Midway – San Diego, CA

May 2015

The USS Midway is a retired aircraft carrier that served with the US Navy for 47 years. It was commissioned 8 days after the end of World War II and was decommissioned in 1992. At one time it was the largest ship in the world. In 2004 the USS Midway opened as a floating museum in San Diego, where I had the pleasure of visiting it while in town.

The USS Midway Museum is moored on Navy Pier on the waterfront in San Diego and was an easy walk from the hotel that we were staying at. While Kathy was busy at her conference, I took a few hours to check out the ship.

With the paid tour, you get access to a lot of the areas of the ship. This required climbing down some pretty steep, narrow stairs in certain places – just like the sailors had to back in the day. You also can view the 29 restored aircraft they have on display on both the main flight deck and the hangar deck, one story below.

At the start of the self-guided tour, you can pick up an audio device that lets you type in a number corresponding with the area you are currently in. This allows you to learn more about what you are looking at, as well as hear stories from sailors who served on the Midway.

The only part of the ship that I didn’t visit was the bridge as this was an area you had to go with tour guides. And stand in line for this privilege. A fairly long line. And it was very hot out. In general I don’t do long lines. Especially so when it is bloody hot (and humid) out. So you will just have to use your imagination if you were wondering what the Midway’s bridge looks like. Or I am sure The Google can assist you there, should you be so inclined.

Moving around
hangar deck
living quarters
Miscellaneous areas
flight deck

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