Las Vegas Wedding

May 2015

I was married in Vegas back in the day. Eloped actually (sorry mom!). But this isn’t the story of my wedding. I was visiting Las Vegas for my big sister Stacia’s wedding. In fact, in some moment of weakness on the part of the future groom, I was actually asked to be in the wedding party (love you, Dean!). So off to Vegas I went after my first boondoncking adventure.

Stacia is actually my sister from another mister. For those of you following along at home, this means she is my half-sister. We share a mother. We didn’t grow up together and have only become close recently. This isn’t her first go at marriage, and let’s just say I wasn’t too fond of the guy she was with for close to 20 years. And no one was happier (well, maybe she was) to see that relationship end.

Dean, my now brother-in-law, is a keeper. A man I very much approve of, as does the rest of the family. Nice to see my sister get it right this time around, but I digress…

Upon arriving in Vegas, I parked my house in front of my sister’s. Handy to have an extremely short commute to my house considering the festivities going on at my sister’s place. She is kind of a big deal in her field which means she spends a lot of time traveling the world spreading her knowledge. As a result, Stacia has friends all over the place, including some that were staying with her for the big day. Yeah, we had a good time in the days leading up to the wedding.

The first activity was a ride in the High Roller, allegedly the world’s tallest observation wheel. Naturally we took a ride in the High Roller Happy Half Hour cabin, which is their “bar car” that allows riders unlimited drinks in the open bar. Normally I am not a big drinker, but it is amazing how much one can consume in a 30-minute period while taking in the amazing sights. I had 2 or 3 drinks, which is a lot for me (is it a bad thing I can’t remember the exact number – I am blaming on it being two months ago as of the time of this writing. Really!).

Not all the out of town guests had yet arrived, so we were only a group of seven. Seven jolly people enjoying the spectacular views of Sin City. Round and round and round we went. Talking. Drinking. Taking pictures. The weekend was off to a great start!

After our sky-high experience, we hoofed it around the Strip for a bit, which is always a bit of an experience. And a bit draining, dodging all the tourists. Not gonna lie – having a bit of a buzz certainly help tolerate the masses. Maybe that is why it is legal to walk around Vegas with open adult beverage containers.

That evening the celebration continued back at my sister’s house. Some of which I can still recall. Damn, I am getting too old for this! Things may or may not have happened. And there might be video evidence. No worries, Dean, I won’t post that here. But I am keeping it for blackmail purposes, should the need arise! 😉

The day before the wedding was rehearsal day, and as a part of the wedding party, I got to attend. After being shown where to stand, where to walk, and what to do, and hoping I would remember this for the next day, we were off to rehearsal lunch. Followed by post-rehearsal lunch hanging out on the patio overlooking Lake Las Vegas.

It was great catching up with my niece and nephew, talking to Stacia’s dad, and meeting her friends from all over the world. The day continued into the night as a lot of reminiscing was taking place, tall tales were spun, and great food and drink was consumed.

Wedding day arrived and was kicked off by me moving my house to the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort, where the big day was taking place. My house would spend the night all alone as I was staying in the resort. It is always weird staying in bed that isn’t mine. There are advantages to dragging your house around the country!

The wedding went off without a hitch! I managed to remember my part and rather enjoyed being in my first wedding party.

The reception was a blast and a great way to wrap up a festive weekend. One that I survived. Barely.

Las Vegas is known for good times and this trip didn’t disappoint. I wish Stacia and Dean the best life possible and I am happy to have played a small part in their union.

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