Sumner Lake State Park – Lake Sumner, NM

April 2015

Transitioning from Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas to Albuquerque, NM where I was going to visit my best friend and his wife, required a two day journey. Two days of driving across the panhandle of Texas and east New Mexico. In other words, a very boring drive. Definitely not on the top 10 list of drives every person must do. No, definitely not.

Looking at the map of New Mexico State Parks, it looked like there were a few options in the general halfway point of this journey. I was able to quickly narrow down my choice as I had zero desire to drive west on Interstate 40 anymore than I had to, so I opted to take the southern route and stay at Sumner Lake State Park.

There is nothing truly remarkable about Sumner Lake State Park other than it will go down in history as the place I broke my first iPhone screen after having used the devices for years. But hey, it was a great excuse to get an iPhone 6! 😉

Sumner Lake has several camping locations around the lake, but I opted to stay in the main area that has two camping loops – one with power and water and one with just water. With portable solar panels (and low outside temps) I don’t need power, so I opted for the water only loop. This came with two benefits:

  1. It had an awesome view of the lake.
  2. It was only $10 a night.


Apparently Sumner Lake is a great fishing lake, but since I neglected to bring my bass boat on this part of my journey I only took advantage of the short nature trail that did some ‘splaining of the nature in the area. You know, the sort of thing you would expect from a nature trail.

Oh, the nature trail. Where my iPhone screen died on a nice big boulder. Why did you have to commit suicide? Sigh. You will be missed.

Sumer Lake State Park is a good overnight stop if you happen to find yourself in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico. It also apparently is the place iPhone screens go to die. And the wind blows (big surprise for New Mexico in the Spring, right?).

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