Canyon Lake Gorge – Canyon Lake, TX

December 2014

Canyon Lake Gorge is an approximately mile long gorge created in 2002 when the Guadalupe River flooded causing a rather large (obviously) amount of water to come over the spillway of the damn that creates the Canyon Lake reservoir. For 6 weeks water came over the spillway. Yes, you read that right.

Put simply, Canyon Gorge is an impressive gash in the earth caused by a massive rain event that exposed fossils, dinosaur tracks and cool geography. You can read more about the actual flood occurrence here.

We arrived at the tour location on the chilly, windy, and overcast Sunday afternoon before Christmas. The meeting place is at the end/bottom of the gorge so you are bused up to the top. After a brief introduction we went through the locked gate (admittance to the gorge is via tour only) and down to the spillway, where all the action started.

For the next approximately 2.5 hours we traveled down the gorge stopping and discussing. The sometimes militant tour guide (“don’t stand there sonny!”) was a wealth of knowledge, most of which I have since forgotten. Go figure. Great memory and all.

So instead of boring you with facts that I cannot recall, I shall just entertain you with my spectacular photographic skills. Enjoy!

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