First Nomadiversary

Today marks the day my nomadic journey began. One year ago today I departed Apache Junction, Arizona in my shiny new house to hit the road leading to who knows where. In the way “my people” speak, it is my first nomadiversary. What a journey it has been!

The people I have met. The sights I have seen. The things I have experienced. Everything has exceeded my expectations. The most surprising part (in a VERY good way) about it all is the relationship that has blossomed along the way. All of it makes me very, very happy. I am in a good place.

If I were a true geek I would attach an infographic showing all the stats from my first year on the road. Instead I shall throw out a few facts in bullet points.

  • Miles travelled towing my house (would be substantially more if I didn’t stay in Austin for 6 months): 5739
  • States spent at least one night in: 12
  • States in which I met the Snowmads in (just one example of the great friends I have made along the way): 6 (no stalking issues here!)
  • Number of times I have been told I am crazy: 0
  • Number of times I have been told how cool of a journey I am on: countless

I didn’t know what to expect when I departed a year ago today. I still don’t know what awaits me down the road. All I know is that it has been a spectacular journey and here is hoping for many more adventures in the coming years!

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