Kerrville Triathlon – Kerrville, TX

September 2014

Kathy is one of those types of people that enjoys swimming, biking, and running. Sometimes all in the same day. As in doing a triathlon. As in something I would never think about doing, but I make one helluva good spectator.

The Kerrville Triathlon is an annual event held in Kerrville, TX (oddly enough) and offers quarter and half Ironman distance courses. Kathy was opting to do the quarter distance triathlon which means a 1000 meter swim, a 29 mile bike ride, and a 6.4 mile run. I am exhausted just typing those distances.

We arrived in Kerrville on Friday but headed to San Antonio (70 miles away) for the day as Kathy had a work event to attend. So I found a coffee shop and worked. I was planning on doing a little exploration of the city, but the weather sucked. As in it was raining. And I melt when I get wet.

So we headed back to Kerrville late Saturday afternoon. Attended packet pickup (where the athletes pick up the triathlon “stuff” for the race). Did dinner and a movie. And went back home to enjoy the rain pounding on the roof. Side note: rain on an RVs roof is a lovely sound!

Kerrville-Schreiner Park

We stayed at Kerrville-Schreiner Park, which used to be a Texas State Park but was transferred to the City of Kerrville in 2004. So it is setup like a state park, with a lot of RV sites and good amenities. It is 517 acres of goodness with a decent trail network that we didn’t take advantage of during our 3 night stay. It poured down rain one day. And (strangely enough) Kathy wasn’t in a huge rush to go out and hike after doing a triathlon.

For some reason I didn’t take many (as in only 2) pics of the park. Strange. I will say the rain has something to do with it. Yeah, that is it! Oh, and the fact that we spent Saturday in San Antonio and Sunday at the triathlon. In other words, we weren’t there to play – we were there to work! How’s that for a lame excuse?

Deer at Deer field loop - go figure!

Deer at Deer field loop – go figure!

We stayed in either site 119 or 121 in the Deer Field Loop (note to self, my memory is MUCH better if I actually write blog posts in a timely fashion, or take photos!). These are 30 amp electrical sites with full hookups. You heard me right. Full Hookup. Water, power, sewer. Pull thru sites for easy setup. And they even offer monthly rates. So if one has a burning desire to spend some time in the Kerrville area, this is a great place to stay.

The park itself is split into two sections, with State Highway 173 making the split. The River Side is right on the Guadalupe River and is the smaller section. There are RV sites there, including some 50 amp full hookup sites. We stayed in the larger section known as the Hill Section.

As I write this it dawned on me that I did a major fail with this park. No pics and we didn’t even explore the entire Hill Section. There is a fairly large part we didn’t drive around. I wonder why? Again, the whole memory thing isn’t so good so many months down the road.

I would definitely stay here again should the occasion arise.

Kerrville Triathlon

Sunday was the big day. Race day. So we got up before dawn and headed to the course. Kathy set her bike and running gear in the appropriate transition spots and I tried to pay attention to where things were so I could be a good spectator. Remember, I make one helluva spectator at triathlons as this kid doesn’t do the hard stuff.

For those not familiar with triathlons (which would be me before this event), there are three parts. Swim, bike, run. In that order. So you get soaked then hop on a bike (in your swimming gear) while still soaked. You bike much further than one should be allowed to, then it is off to the run portion. Are we having fun yet????

So I spectated. And supported. At the swim start. As Kathy came out of the water and transitioned to the bike. As she arrived at the end of the bike ride and transitioned to the run. On the run course (strategically positioned near the end as they were doing a loop twice). And at the finish line to catch her as she collapsed. OK, maybe she didn’t collapse, but she certainly looked like she wanted to. I would have fallen into a puddle, assuming I made it to the end. Which is highly doubtful.

I was very impressed to see Kathy doing her thing. This is where I say better her than me, right?

During the 29 mile bike portion I tried to position myself to view Kathy on the course, but it was incredibly difficult and I never found her. So instead, I checked out the Mooney Airplane factory. The bike course went right by the airport. Honest! It’s called killing two birds with one stone. And since it was a Sunday, there wasn’t anything going on at Mooney anyhow, so the “visit” was short.





This trip was a success for a couple of reasons. I learned about triathlons as I experienced my first one. I got to cheer on the woman I was developing a relationship with. We spent more time in my house, on the road – and it went well.

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