New Belgium Brewing – Fort Collins, CO

As I continued my journey to the east, taking my modern day covered wagon across the plains for the first time, I wanted to stop in Fort Collins, Colorado for one reason and one reason only – to tour the New Belgium Brewing facility.

New Belgium is a craft brewer that I have known about for years and have enjoyed their product for an equally long time. So it only seemed natural that if I was in their neck of the woods I should swing by and say hi.

They offer quite a few tours each day (11 to be exact, with 20 people per tour) so it makes sense that it should be fairly easy to get a reservation for the free tour. As it turns out there is a reason why they offer so many tours a day – cause the place is damn popular! I made a reservation about 6 weeks ahead of time and literally got the last spot on the last tour on the Friday I would be there. The other 2 days I was going to be in town the tours were full. Yeah, I’m glad I thought ahead on this one.

New Belgium is the #3 craft brewery in the country as of this writing and they are closing in on the #2 spot. Let me tell you, they have an incredibly impressive operation. Let’s just let the pictures speak for themselves, shall we?

Tour – aka FREE BEER!

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