United States Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Aviation has been an important part of my life, and while I have never served in the Air Force, it has been my favorite branch of the service. You know, they have all the cool airplanes and other flying thingies. So it kinda makes sense, right?

The United States Air Force Academy is a place I would have liked to have gone if:

  1. I desired to go into the Air Force. Both my dad and my brother served, but I never did.
  2. If I was smart enough to actually get into the Academy.
  3. If I could stand to deal with being told what to do by authority figures.

That last one kinda kills it. In other words, I never attended the Air Force Academy, but it has always intrigued me. So one of the things I wanted to do while I was in Colorado Springs was visit the Academy. And I am glad I did.

The base seemed very open. As in drive right past the two massive guard shacks without stopping. Weird. But I guess it was because they are holding camps during the summer for kids, so the actual security checkpoints are pushed farther back into the base. But this also means that you cannot get to some of the normal tour stops because of these security arrangements. Darn kids!

I hit the visitors center, the iconic chapel (and even stepped foot inside, into a few different chapels. Strange, right?), Arnold Hall (the cadet social center), walked around a bit, then decided maybe I really didn’t want to get rained on, so concluded my tour. Which is fine as I saw everything I could.

The skies opened up as I was getting ready to leave, as it is apt to do in Colorado this time of year (so I understand). The campus wide PA system went off a couple of times declaring everyone needed to seek shelter because there was lightening within 5 nautical miles. I didn’t pay attention until it actually started to rain. Apparently lightening doesn’t scare me but a few water drops do!


Definitely a cool place to visit. The Academy property was much more massive than I imagined. Guess I thought it should be sitting on a 5 acre parcel. But it sure couldn’t have been in a more spectacular setting. Colorado is alright with its beauty.

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