I am a Texan. No, really, I Am. [UPDATED]

I am a Texan. I wasn’t born in Texas. I have never lived in Texas. Yet I am a Texan. Really.

For some reason I have always wanted to be a Texan. Not sure why. But I always have. So I am one. Yeah, I don’t really believe it either.

Why Texas? Why not? OK, it might be a bit more involved than that, but the details would just be boring, right? No? OK, you asked for them, so don’t blame me when you nod off.

Oh, one more thing before I get started. I feel compelled to say that political views had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to be a Texan. Those that know me know this. But many of you don’t know me from the next blog, so I just thought I would put it out there. I am not a political person, and if I were, I wouldn’t necessary share the ‘typical’ Texas views, whatever those might be. Think of me more of an Austin Texan and less of a suburb of Dallas or Houston Texan. With that out of the way, let’s move on, shall we?

Before I left North Carolina, to spend some time back at my parent’s place in Arizona, I knew I was going to purchase a travel trailer and tour the country. This meant that I would have to figure out where I wanted to be domiciled. What state I wanted to call home. The United States isn’t exactly setup for a person to be a nomad. To be roaming freely. To call no place home. So a person has to be a resident of a state. That means I got to decide where I was going to call ‘home’.

There are many things to consider when choosing a state of residence, but one key issue is taxes. If given the choice, one would be wise to choose a home state that had no income tax. Why pay more in taxes than you have to, right? Just makes common sense.

This means there are a couple of state that are huge domiciles for full-time RVers – South Dakota and Texas. South Dakota really didn’t float my boat for a couple of reasons – I don’t do cold and I figured I may need to swing by my home state every now and again and didn’t really think South Dakota was really going to be in my travel path.

So that left Texas. It is a southern state. A warmer state. A state I most likely will find myself traversing as I travel east to west and back again. And don’t forget, I have always wanted to be a Texan.

Seemed like a pretty easy choice to me. So I knew that part of my 2777 mile journey back to Arizona would include a swing through the great state of Texas so I could become a Texan. So swing through I did, driving non-stop from Knoxville, Tennessee to Livingston, Texas – one helluva a drive.

Livingston is the home of the Escapees, an organization dedicated to the full-time RVer. An organization I have known about for years, so when I decided to become a Texan it was only natural for me to become an Escapee.

In less than three hours I was a Texan. It was simply a matter of getting a Texas address through the Escapees, changing my insurance to my new Texas address, getting my Jeep inspected, getting it registered, and getting my driver’s license. In a town the size of Livingston, this is a very simple process. You literally can walk into each government office and be served immediately. No lines. Small towns definitely have their advantages!

Without ever actually lived in Texas, after spending less then 24 hours in the state, I was a resident. Yeah, it really is that simple. Now I just need a nice pair of cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat. Than maybe I will be a real Texan.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. I am an Austinite, not a Texan. So a friend has informed me. She would know as she is one as well. It makes sense for a variety of reasons. Austin is the Texas town that I have spent the most time in. Since I have never actually lived in any Texas town, we will say I am from where I have spent the most time. We will ignore my Livingston, Texas address for the purpose of this discussion, OK?

As an Austinite I am in pretty good company. After all, Stone Cold Steve Austin, is, oddly enough, from Austin. Then there is Lance Armstrong. I could almost stop there, but lets throw in one more – Mike Judge. Yeah, we could discuss the more ‘important’ Austinites, but what fun would that be?

As an Austinite, can I get away without the cowboy boots and the ten gallon hat?

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