One of the great unknowns about this great adventure of mine was about meeting people. If I would meet anyone. How I would I meet them. Would I only meet retired people or would I find people my age?

I actually had a decent idea that there is a very vibrant community of full-timers cruising around in their RVs and a good number of them are my age, if not younger. But I really didn’t know how I was going to meet them.

I am naturally an introvert. My wife complimented me very well this way as she was more extroverted. She always would say she didn’t like people, but she would always be out there talking to strangers. I was content to keep to myself. Oh, how that is changing…

Before I started on this adventure I sat myself down and had a conversation. Yeah, it was a bit one-sided, but I did come to the conclusion that I would do my best to be outgoing. It was either that or live life as a hermit, and I don’t want to be the bitter old man with shaggy hair and a beard yelling at kids to get off his lawn. Mainly ’cause a beard makes my face itch. I am pretty OK with the other parts of being a hermit.

Even though I have just started on my travels, my mind has been put at ease about if I am going to be able to meet people on the road. People that I actually want to hang with. So far so good, thanks to social media. You know, that thing that those kids I am yelling at to get off my lawn use? Turns out us ‘old’ folk can use it to our advantage.

I started using Instagram before I moved from North Carolina back to Arizona and I followed as many full-timers as I could find, hoping to learn from them, and to make connections. This lead to following some blogs and some good old fashioned cyber stalking.

One thing led to another and I ended up connecting with three different couples that happened to be in the ABQ at the same time I was. And they are all of the younger demographic – my kind of people! So in the past week I have met up with them three times and had a blast. Turns out meeting people on the road is even better then I had imagined. Who knew?

The first two happy hour meetups where at the Enchanted Trails RV Park in western Albuquerque on Route 66 (I-40). I met with Amanda from Watsons Wander, Clark and Lynn from Tales from the Mutiny and Jim and Julie from Imperfect Destiny. Did I mention I really enjoyed myself with this group? Well, I sure as hell did!

On a side note, during our second happy hour we toured Clark and Lynn’s Class A and WOW! I have never seen a cooler interior. They took the typical mundane RV interior and made it beyond cool. I couldn’t believe I was in an RV. See what they did here.

The third meeting was at a local pizzeria where we were able to escape the nasty winds blowing by hiding out inside. Jim and Julie had departed a couple of days prior, but Tim, the other half of Watsons Wander, was back from his grand work adventure and he was able to join in on the fun. More good times ensued.

It turns out that there is indeed a great community on the road and if these first meetups are a sign of things to come, I have won’t be feeling lonely on the road.

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