The Journey Begins

Datil Well Recreation Area Campground, NM

Datil Well Recreation Area Campground, NM

After many months of anticipation, many years of wanting to do it, the journey officially started today. Having spent the past 5+ months living with my parents in preparation for this day, it is finally here. I left on my open-ended journey that will take me to places that I can only imagine. That will allow me to experience things that few people are lucky enough to enjoy. That will teach me things about myself I had no idea were there.

Once the final mad dash to make sure I had everything in my trailer, I hooked up, made sure everything was ready for the journey ahead, said my goodbyes, and headed east.

My departure was bittersweet for many reasons. I didn’t know when I would see my parents next and had enjoyed spending a great deal of time with them. While moving back with my parents in my early 40’s wasn’t exactly in my life plan, circumstances dictated that it was the best thing for me to do. It turned out to be a wonderful experience, getting to see and enjoy my parents in a different light.

Then, of course, there is the reason why I am on this journey. The past 18+ months has been a blur. A nightmare. Something I wish to never experience again. Both paralyzing and energizing. The opportunity to make the best of a shitty situation. Something that has yet to fully sink in. I hope the journey I have just embarked on will help me through the pain the I experience and give me a reason to move forward. I know I will learn a lot about myself and I truly am excited for this.

So off I went, leaving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area with Albuquerque in my sights. I am off to spend time with my best friend who I have known for 30 years, who is a very special person to me. Someone who I share a long history and who I very much look forward to spending time with. Oh, it also helps I really enjoy spending time with his wife as well! 🙂

300 miles later. 7.5 hours later. I have arrived in a wonderful Bureau of Land Management campsite – Datil Well. A small facility with only 22 sites, but in a very gorgeous settings and at $5 a night, what is there to complain about? My first night into my journey and I am in a campsite with no power, no sewer, no water, and I love it!

The drive today was a very interesting first day out. If I can survive today, I can survive anything. With over 6000 feet elevation gain, it put me and my rig to the test. Maxing out at 8100 feet, I learned a lot about what my tow vehicle is, and isn’t, capable of. Crossing the Continental Divide for the first time with my home in tow was a treat, and an adventure. Nothing like a little trial by fire!

It took a very long time to cover a relatively short distance, but I wasn’t traveling fast going up, up, up. And I had a couple of stops that were longer than anticipated. But isn’t that part of the journey – to not be in a rush and to savor the drive, not just the destination?

I am excited to see what the journey ahead brings me. What I get to experience. The people I will meet. The food I will enjoy. The sights that I will see. I expect it to be very healing and very educational. I expect to have a blast and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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